Friday, 27 December 2013

I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud

Sooooo what an eventful Holiday Season.. you'd think people would be more full of cheer and such.. but nah.. I had a sale at S&C which caused uproar about price fixing and mesh creators harassing designers etc. Then someone attempted to hack my account which caused Linden Lab to freeze my account. Had to send in ID and whatnot.. a little digging and it was easy to see who was responsible. For others to hack people for standing up for themselves (then again some signs point to an old feud I had a year ago with another designer) or because they made something that was similar as someone else's is disgusting. Another resident on SL had her inventory deleted, her store deleted, money was temporarily stolen.. and someone wanted the same to happen to me... and then to find out the person involved is a scripter and partner of someone who owns another store in SL.. is that what it's come down to? Pushing others out of the way and destroy them to get ahead? It's disgusting. With that being said.. Sugar & Cyanide is closing it's doors and the store is once again 80% off. I hope everyone is happy... I hope that you now get more customers and all the pixel fame you need to feel whole. I spent the 8 months I was back.. minding my own business, others should try it some time.

Skin: The Skinnery - Sasha
Hair: Truth - Gaia
Antlers: Reign - ReignDeer Snowflakes (Rare)
Eyes: [Buzz] Dolly Eyes (Winter)
Lipstick: Chary - Frost
Makeup: Chary - Devotion
Wings: Barely Legal - Mesh Winterheart Wings
Elbow Pads: Chary (Group Gift)
Dress: Barely Legal - Unfaithful - NEW!
Stockings: S&C - Toeless Gartered Stockings @Strokers Sexpo
Feet: Slink


  1. So sorry this has happened to you. It is a shame how ppl act. Loved your products and stores.

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